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Q: What accessories do Hyundai dealerships offer?

A: Hyundai Genuine Accessories are offered at every Hyundai dealership. Accessories are features and add-ons that do not come with Your vehicle, but can be purchased through Hyundai dealerships. You can choose to purchase these at any time, even after Your initial vehicle purchase.

Q: Why should I buy Hyundai Genuine Accessories rather than generic ones?

A: Hyundai Genuine Accessories are designed specifically for Hyundai vehicles. When purchasing generic accessories, there is no guarantee that they will fit or work in Hyundai vehicles. By purchasing accessories made exclusively for Hyundai vehicles, the customer is guaranteed the product will work for their vehicle. Further, we offer a limited warranty on Hyundai Genuine Accessories.

Q: Where can I purchase Genuine Hyundai Accessories for my vehicle?

A: Genuine Hyundai Accessories can only be purchased through Hyundai dealerships. Click here to contact Queensway Hyundai, ON, or just use the form below.

Q: What is the warranty on Hyundai Genuine Accessories?

A: Hyundai Canada covers the dealer-installed Hyundai Genuine Accessory for 3-years/60,000km from the date of installation.


Q: What parts do Hyundai dealerships offer?

A: Hyundai dealerships are stocked with an array of Genuine Hyundai Parts which are designed to meet the specifications of Your vehicle. Some dealerships may also sell after-market parts at their discretion.

Q: What is the warranty on Hyundai parts?

A: All Hyundai parts installed by a dealer are covered by a 1-year/20,000 km warranty.


Q: I think there is a defect with my tire. Who do I contact?

A: Tires originally equipped on HYUNDAI vehicles are warranted directly by the tire manufacturer. In the event that You need assistance in locating an authorized tire dealership, please contact Your authorized HYUNDAI Dealer.

Q: Can I change the size of my tires?

A: Hyundai selects original equipment tire size and grade to match the specifications of the vehicle and to optimize ride comfort and handling. When replacing a tire, You should select one of equal size and grade to the original tire and in accordance with loading requirements. Changing the tire size can affect the vehicle's ride comfort and handling performance and can also affect the operation of features such as the speedometer or odometer.

Contact Us or Your local Hyundai dealer for additional information on suitable tires for Your driving needs.


Q: Why is it important to schedule my first service appointment?

A: Setting up your first appointment to get your Hyundai serviced at a Hyundai dealership is extremely important. It allows you the chance to meet the service advisor and service manager, who can explain your vehicle’s maintenance requirements. You will also be given directions and see first-hand where to pull your vehicle into the service drive.

Q: Can my Hyundai dealership handle maintenance, service, and repairs?

A: All Hyundai dealerships are equipped with the tools and knowledge to service and repair any Hyundai vehicle. Some of our dealerships have a bodyshop. Hyundai dealerships’ capabilities go above and beyond basic warranty repairs.

Q: Why is it important for my vehicle to be serviced at a Hyundai dealership?

A: Choosing to have your vehicle serviced at a Hyundai dealership ensures that your vehicle is taken care of by a certified Hyundai trained technician who is familiar with the mechanics and background of our vehicles. Our technicians have access to specialized diagnostic systems designed specifically for Hyundai vehicles. Using genuine Hyundai parts, your vehicle will be serviced with the quality of care that it deserves and will ensure that it will run as long as possible backed by our warranty. We strongly encourage our customers to take their vehicles to Hyundai dealerships to continue the established relationship with their customers.

Q: When should I get my vehicle serviced?

A: It is important to have your Hyundai vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals in order for the vehicle to continue performing at its optimal level. For your Hyundai’s recommended maintenance schedule, please follow the ‘ Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions’ in your owner’s manual or contact your Hyundai dealer for a full list of minimum maintenance requirements. You will need to know your vehicle’s driving conditions in order to get an accurate maintenance schedule.

Q: Do I need an appointment to service my vehicle?

A: It is important to call the Hyundai dealership prior to visiting the service centre to ensure they are ready to service your vehicle.

Q: Why is it important to keep accurate service records?

A: Service records are imperative to providing proof of maintenance and can add value to the vehicle. As part of your warranty, we require customers to perform all maintenance for Hyundai Canada to uphold its side of the warranty. Service records should be added to your service passport to help verify that maintenance has been performed. This is especially important if your vehicle is serviced by someone other than an authorized Hyundai dealer. Visit your local Hyundai dealer to obtain Genuine Hyundai Parts.

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