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Hyundai Remote Starter

A remote starter is a great idea for the Canadian winter, so if you buying a brand new Hyundai in Etobicoke make sure you get the Hyundai factory remote start system. Learn all about the innovative features of the Hyundai remote starter, then stop by our Service department to have one installed for you!


Remote lock and unlock with a security alarm
You can combine start capability with a vehicle alarm system! With a full-featured car alarm system, you can start your care remotely and worry-free. Some systems also add two-way communication to alert you when your vehicle has started or if your alarm system triggers. Also, another button on the key fob allows drivers to set an alarm to sound whenever someone tries to open your locked vehicle.

Remote heating or cooling functions
While all Hyundai vehicles come with heated front seats, a must for Canadian winters, not all come with a remote starter. For a small price, it can be added on to your Hyundai during or after your purchase. Gone are the days of shivering or sweating inside the cabin before it heats up or cools down. Drivers can start their vehicles engine from afar, as well as heat or cool the interior of the cabin before opening any doors!

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